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Keep the sales process mobile to increase sales and to improve the customer experience with Wireless Sales & Handheld Inventory from SBI Software. Retail and wholesale sales will see significant results. Create sales as you walk the retail space with a customer for an improved customer experience or quickly scan and load large wholesale orders.

Wireless Options: Our wireless solution can cover 10-15 acres with one antenna. An off the shelf wireless range is about 300 feet from one antenna. We have 8 years of experience providing wireless access. We have the best range & reliability in the business.

Cellphone Network: SBI now offers cellphone handhelds that run over a cell network. This does not require installation of a complex local wireless network. The Zebra TC25 Rugged Smartphone is our product of choice! This option offers “out of the box” operation from day one, especially if a good cell signal is available.

  • Increase daily sales throughput by up to 40%
  • Complete cycle counts or site counts 30% faster and with greater accuracy
  • Receive shipments from vendors on the handheld for live updates of your inventory system
  • Transactions are live though your wireless connection, not synchronized
  • Use the handheld as a line buster to reduce lines for faster customer turnover
  • Build sales while walking with a customer for personal service
  • Complete sales by capturing on account customers’ signatures & printing a full page invoice
  • Complete sales by swiping a credit card on the handheld & printing receipts to a belt printer

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Just login to Wireless Sales and you are ready to go!

Any device wireless sales for phone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Fast and simple sales on any device. Sell product faster with this easy to use, any device application.

How it works:

Building a sale: Scan or look up items by name while walking around the lot with the customer. Once an item is selected you will be prompted to select a quantity. Creating sales as you walk your retail site with a customer improves customer service; you can teach them about plant material as you make the sale. When you are finished adding items to the sale you can either suspend the sale or complete it directly on the handheld.

Suspending & resuming a sale: After a sale is built you have the option to suspend the sale so it can be completed later on the handheld or later at a POS or Counter Sales register. Use this feature as a “line-buster.” Scan items onto a sale for customers waiting in line, suspend the sale and then all they have to do is pay at the register. Increase throughput by up to 40%.

Completing a sale: On-account sales are completed by having the customer sign directly on the handheld device; a full page invoice can print to the back office or a receipt can be printed to a belt printer. Finalize credit card transactions by adding a credit card swiper to the handheld device; the sale will be completed in 4-8 seconds. The customer then signs on the handheld, a receipt is printed to a belt printer (pictured) and the customer is out the door. There is no faster system on the market.

• Credit Card info on file is stored securely in the Cloud
• Payment requests save you time and reduce workload
• Auto-updates feature automatically updates card on file

Wireless Sales & Handheld Inventory

Functionality includes: scan and swipe sleds, rugged wireless sales, barcode scanner, customer lookup, wireless sales with scanner, resume sale, totals screen, item detail, inventory search, and main menu. > Devices and Hardware Guide

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