Color Point, owned by Art and Ken VanWingerden, supplies big-box store
retailers such as Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, and more. They operate out of two
growing locations with over 4 million square feet of greenhouse space.

At A Glance

Back office labor force reduced from 11 to 5

Set record shipping levels by streamlining process and integrating RFID

Simplified big-box store EDI management

The Issue

Color Point faced a number of issues at different stages of their process.
A cumbersome user interface made generating new store orders based
on replenishment slow and labor-intensive. Sluggish, unintuitive rack
scanning slowed down and complicated shipping product in high volumes.
Generating weekly availabilities from the greenhouse floor was inefficient.
Poor inventory visibility slowed down order fulfillment. Also, EDI and
billing procedures were complex and costly.

The Solution

SBI Software is built from the ground up to manage all aspects of the
grower’s process; it’s highly flexible and customizable based on your
business. That’s never been more clear than how each of Colorpoint’s issues
was addressed by the Triumph upgrade. The order entry interface was completely re-thought and re-designed into a flexible and efficient Excel-like grid. The interface is adaptable at the user level and allows users to setup different order entry templates for different stages of order management. One template can be designed for fast and easy order generation, while another template configuration might be for reviewing rack contents or viewing orders by loads. This has greatly impacted how quickly users can complete their work, dramatically reducing labor associated with order generation, editing, and billing along with inventory availability forecasting. Implementation of SBI’s fast and easy-to-use mobile apps that run on any hardware device drastically sped up scanning and shipping in the greenhouse and loading docks. In addition, the transition away from native apps designed only for specific devices reduced expensive hardware costs and continuous support needs. Reducing a 5-click per item repetitive process to a 2- or 3-click process made quick work of weekly availability generation.


Big box customers

Big box retailer customers like Lowe's and Walmart.


Growing locations

Located in Paris, Kentucky and Granville, Illinois.


Square feet

Four million square feet of production space on two sites.

The Quick Availability App

The Quick Availability App allows the grower to walk through
the greenhouse, adding items to the availability with very few clicks. Finally,
SBI focused on the simplification and automation of the Electronic Data
Interchange (EDI) process. Much of the EDI process is now automated
without any user interaction, and occurs before critical EDI cut-offs, which is
mandatory for many big-box store suppliers. This resulted in a much simpler
experience for the users managing EDI.

SBI Software

Portland, Oregon


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