Five Guidelines to Investing in Software for Your Greenhouse

Five Guidelines to Investing in Software for Your Greenhouse

Five Guidelines to Investing in Software for Your Greenhouse

Greenhouse Grower publishes software article from SBI Software on making the right choice in software investment.

By Charity Prater

“Is the juice worth the squeeze? Each innovation should pass the squeeze test before you decide to implement it.”

The quote above from Ken VanWingerden at ColorPoint refers to getting the most out of your software. In other words, are you using your software effectively? Is your software increasing your efficiencies, lowering your costs, increasing your margins? Are you getting the most value as possible from your technology? Do you know when to invest in software tools?

Aaron Allison, Founder of SBI Software, has been in the grower and software industries his entire adult life and has worked exclusively with grower clients. He recommends that growers invest 4% to 6% of their annual revenue in technology to have a competitive edge in this industry.

Quite often, Allison is asked the same who-what-when-why-how plethora of software investment questions. In response, he offers five guidelines to consider when investing in software solutions.

1) Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

The majority of improvements that you make to your software should pass the “squeeze” test. In other words, any software improvement should make sense for your team and be worth the investment. At any given time you might have 50 things you could do to your software to improve it, but how many of those changes will really have a true impact? Enhancements should only be implemented if you answer “yes” to the following questions: Will we ship more at lower costs? Will we ship more in less time?

Any time you decide to upgrade or improve your software, you should be doing so to solve an existing problem.

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