Go Mobile

SBI Launches the ‘GO MOBILE’ Campaign


Mobile tools boost business productivity by moving data entry staff out of the back office and onto more productive tasks. Mobile apps extend functionality to your team in the field and deliver real time data to your business. Watch our new mobile tools video that illustrates grower mobile tools, such as remote orders, wireless sales, customer online orders, and inventory control.

What are Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps are web-based apps that work on any device: smartphones, tablets, or desktops. Mobile apps plug into your software system, like SBI, and make your data mobile.

With mobile apps, you are able to access your data on the go with live dashboards that track shipments, place orders, check inventory, sales leads, generate reports, and more, all in real time and on any device.

Check out the webinars, presentations and videos that involve our ‘GO MOBILE’ campaign.